Must-see California Sites

If someone were to be in California I believe they should definitely visit the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as Yosemite National Park. These are very well known and unique places, which offer many activities. In San Francisco they should see the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as Japan Town or China Town as those are interesting areas with much culture to offer. In addition I think it would be nice to visit one of the smaller and relaxed towns such as Carmel. In LA they should see Hollywood because it’s a place I know they must have heard of and it’s very fun to walk around on the streets. I also always love the Malibu Beach boardwalk when I visit my cousins in LA and believe it highlights the mood of the city, relaxed but still very fun. As well I should point out how amazing the food is in both cities; eating out most nights is highly recommended though it may be quite pricy. Yosemite National Park is known for its beautiful views, and gives time for you to enjoy nature in a mostly private and secluded experience. There are many wonderful places in California but these are just a few highlights!

One thought on “Must-see California Sites

  1. G’day Malaika,
    Great post. I have been to most of those places you mentioned except for Hollywood. I am not into following movie stars or actors so it is not really of interest to me. But maybe next time I come to LA I will go to Universal studios on a tour.

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